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Nubia Red Magic 6
Nubia Red Magic 6

Nubia Red Magic 6 is the newest gaming phone of Nubia. This Company is one of the veterans of the industry when it comes to smartphone gaming. This mobile phone is said to be “The Fastest Android Phone” to date equipped with a powerful 165Hz display. The technology and features equipped with this mobile phone are certainly out of the box.

Does it offer a better experience than a regular smartphone with a powerful chipset? Let’s find it out!

Nubia Red Magic 6 Highlights

  • 165Hz display.
  • Powerful cooling system
  • Smart and sensitive trigger buttons
  • Snapdragon 888 SoC
Nubia Red Magic 6
Nubia Red Magic 6

Nubia Red Magic 6 comes with the fastest display to date. This phone has a 6.8″ Full HD+ Super AMOLED panel with a 165Hz display. This is the fastest refresh rate to date. Also, the display has a touch sampling rate of 500 Hz. This powerful display comes with a 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass protection.

Nubia Red Magic 6 has a triple rear camera set-up. It has a 64MP primary sensor, an 8MP ultra-wide lens, and a 2MP sensor for macro shots. For selfies, it has a simple 8MP sensor at the front.

To be the fastest smartphone simply means to have the fastest processor in the system. This smartphone is equipped with the powerful and latest Snapdragon 888 SoC that has an Adreno 660 GPU. This graphics processing unit offers a 35% improved performance over the Adreno 650, its predecessor.

This smartphone comes in three variants, the base variant with 8GB/128GB and the other two variants with 12GB/256GB and 12GB/512GB. The base variant is priced at INR 42,790 and is marked to be launched on 6th June 2021. This mobile phone runs on the Android 11 based Redmagic 4.0 operating system.

This phone comes with a 5050 mAh battery and a 30W fast charger with a type-C cable. However, this smartphone comes with a support of 66W fast charging. An additional adapter of 66W output needs to be bought to avail of this option.

Nubia Red Magic 6 Specifications

  1. Inbox- Handset, Sim tray tool, 30W charger, USB C to C Cable, back case, and documentation.
  2. Camera- Triple rear camera setup of 64+8+2MP. And an 8MP selfie camera.
  3. Display- 6.8″ Full HD+ Super AMOLED 165Hz display.
  4. Processor- Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC.
  5. RAM- 8/12GB LPDDR5.
  6. ROM- 128/256/512GB UFS 3.1 storage type.
  7. Battery- 5050 mAh with 30W fast charging.
  8. Color options- Eclipse Black and Aurora.

Pros of Nubia Red Magic 6:

Nubia Red Magic 6
Nubia Red Magic 6

Nubia Red Magic 6 has already been rated as the fastest smartphone and it’s of no surprise to us, as this phone comes with cool and powerful features.

This phone is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 888 SoC. This is a powerful chipset that can handle heavy operations on phone quite smoothly. On the other hand, the cooling system here is a powerful one, a new technology has been included in this cooling system that helps keep the phone at optimum temperatures. Besides being a gaming phone, this phone has a 64MP rear camera setup which clicks some cool pictures. Also, the 165Hz display is a huge plus point.

Which is the Fastest Display phone?

Nubia Red Magic 6
Nubia Red Magic 6

The 165Hz display is the fastest display to date which makes this phone the fastest display phone. Another interesting option here is, this refresh rate is Adaptive and can be controlled to operate at 120Hz, 90Hz, or 60Hz. This is a good feature as one can prevent unnecessary battery drainage by limiting the refresh rate to a lower rating when the phone is not being used for gaming or is just kept idle.

The Negative Side:

Despite being the World’s fastest android smartphone, this smartphone comes with a few limitations.

The selfie camera provided with this phone with a resolution of 8MP seems to be disappointing. The cooling system equipped is very efficient but the high speeds of the fan can be heard very loudly when the turbofan is turned on. However, these factors can be overlooked as this phone is built strictly with gaming aesthetics and a gamer would surely disregard these cons as this phone is still the fastest when it comes to performance.

Nubia Red Magic 6 Reviews

With all these positive and negative sides let’s take a final look at the reviews.

  1. The 64MP rear camera setup is quite good and there aren’t any complaints from a gaming phone’s point of view.
  2. Biometric security that is the fingerprint and the face unlock run super fast. These unlock your phone at lightning speed.
  3. This phone has a cool premium look with two RGB LED strips at back and a stylish Redmagic logo that glows red.
  4. The dual speaker technology equipped with this smartphone is perfect for a gamer. The speaker output on the other hand is ear-splitting.
  5. The 5050 mAh battery is quite sufficient for gaming and moderate usage. However, to cope with this phone has been provided with a good charging speed. With a 30W adapter zero to 100 percent of charge can be obtained in just 65 minutes. However, this smartphone supports fast-charging up to 66W.

What are the controllable LED strips?

Nubia Red Magic 6
Nubia Red Magic 6

The Nubia Red Magic 6 has two RGB LED Strips at the back, these can be controlled to emit the color of your desire. Also, the Red magic Logo has a red LED light that keeps on blinking.

This is a must equip feature for a gaming phone, as many of the gaming phones that are available in the market have these LED Strips to attract a gamer. These features add to the gaming aesthetics significantly and never fail to entice a gamer.

What is the cooling system in Nubia Red Magic 6?

Cooling system
Cooling system

Nubia was the first company to introduce an inbuilt fan in a phone so that the mobile can be kept at its optimum temperatures even after hours of gaming. This very feature is equipped in the Redmagic 6 making its cooling system an effective one.

In this model, Nubia has upgraded fan vents. That is, this smartphone has two vents on either side of the side frame. From one vent the air is drawn in from the surrounding, this air rushes throughout the cooling. This draws all the heat from every component of the cooling system and finally, this air is pushed out and expelled into the surrounding but this time from the second vent. The turbofan runs at a surprising speed of 20,000 rpm to suck the air into this system from the surrounding.

Thus making it an efficient cooling system. Even after hours of gaming and heavy operations, the phone remains at its normal temperatures.

How sensitive are the Trigger buttons in Red Magic 6?

The triggers equipped in the Nubia Red Magic 6 do not fall into the ordinary category. They carry a touch sampling rate of 400Hz.

In simple words, these trigger buttons at the top, check for touch 400 times every second. There would never be a chance of these trigger buttons missing touch from you while gaming. This makes the smartphone one of the best among the phones having a sensitive trigger button.

Is Nubia Red Magic 6 a 5G Phone?

Nubia Red Magic 6 has been questioned for its connectivity. Certainly, the company hasn’t left a single reason for disappointment for its buyer. Yes! the Nubia Red Magic 6 is a 5G phone and comes with a 5G band support for both the sim slots.

Inside the Gaming Mode of Nubia Red Magic 6:

Nubia Red Magic 6
Nubia Red Magic 6

Being a gaming phone it comes with a slider. The slider when slid takes the phone into gaming mode. The RGB strip at the back starts illuminating along with the Logo.

One upgrade that needs to be appreciated here is the stability and steadiness of the gaming mode of this smartphone compared to the gaming mode of the predecessor models. In case, where the slider is accidentally slid or the user taps on a setting this mode remains intact.

This gaming mode shows a control panel when swiped from the right side of the screen. This panel displays many controlling features like the aiming assist, turbofan, refresh rate selector, and also a quick icon to jump into the application you like directly from the gaming mode.

Also, another fine feature here in this mode is the WhatsApp Discord option. This helps you to connect and communicate with your seamlessly.


Nubia Red Magic 6 surely is a powerful smartphone with many smart and powerful features. To extend the usage of this phone a powerful and efficient camera is provided. So that this might also be an enticing factor to a buyer. However, the powerful Snapdragon 888 Processor seamlessly performs every operation. Also, the 165Hz display does attract a buyer. And this a must-buy smartphone for a gamer looking at both the price and gaming aesthetics.

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