Is it safe to buy a second-hand phone 【2022】


Because of high tax rates, the new mobile phone prices also hiked, and if your dream phone is out of budget, you’ll look at a second-hand one. Is it safe to buy a second-hand phone?

Is it safe to buy a second-hand phone
Refurbished Mobile

The second-hand mobile is a used device that you will get for the lowest price. But you also have a fear that it is safe or not. Let’s discuss what are the precautions do we have to take while buying a secondhand phone.

Often you will get 2nd hand mobile at its half price, even if it is 1 month old. But sometimes, the seller might not be the actual owner, and he might be selling a stolen one. So! for your safety, you should be cautious of few things.

How to buy 2nd hand phone

There are 2 ways to buy 2nd hand mobiles. Online and Offline.

How to buy a used cell phone online

How to buy a used cell phone online
Used Phones Online

Nowadays, there is a high scope for used phones, and even the biggest eCommerce sites sell Refurbished devices. And it is the safest way to buy a 2nd hand mobile.

Online Refurbished devices are the ones that users return in an exchange offer, then it will be verified by technicians and fix all the broken parts, and make it as good as a new one. On top of that, you will get 6 months of warranty as well.

It is pretty easy to buy a Refurbished mobile online, simply you can go to any trusted e-commerce site, and search for the model by adding “Refurbished” as prefix/suffix.

Cautions before buying second hand mobile online

Seller Rating – It is important to check the seller’s rating before buying anything because most of the sellers don’t deliver what they promise.

Accessories – Some sellers only sell the device without a charger and USB cable, so you better check whether you are getting everything, if not, then check whether the price is legit without the accessories.

Warranty – Check, whether you are getting any after-sales facility or not, if not, then check with other e-commerce sites, then buy it.

Return/Replacement Policy – It is not recommended to buy it when it has no return/replacement policy, because you never know how is the condition of the device.

If you are done with checking all these parameters, you are good to go.

How to buy second hand mobile

Buying a second-hand phone offline is an extremely good choice when you have the right knowledge. Unlike Online purchases, you won’t get a fixed price tag here. This is where you get scammed.

There are many mediums to search for sellers nearby, such as OLX, Quikr, and others. When you meet the seller, you have to check the following parameters.

Things to check before buying a second hand phone offline

Things to check before buying a second hand phone offline

Check the condition – You must check the device condition hands-on, and check all the components are functioning properly.

Bill/Box – It is the most important thing to check before buying, if the seller doesn’t have any of these, it is not recommended to get it, because it might be a stolen one.

IMEI validation – If the seller has both bill and the box, first verify the IMEI number on the device by matching the IMEI number on the box. (Dial *06#)

Verify seller identity – It is important to verify the seller’s identity and keep his/her contact details so that you can contact him/her easily if any issue arises after the purchase.

Accessories – Most of the sellers don’t give charge along with it, but you can demand it, if he starts telling stories, just deduct the price of the Charger.

Pricing – Unlike the Online market, there is no fixed price tag here, the seller will tell the highest price possible, and you must probe for the lowest price possible.

These are the major things to be taken care of before buying a refurbished device, and it is highly recommended to take any techie along with you so that you are not cheated.


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