LG launched its first-ever Signature OLED 8K TV


Although 4K content is not yet widely available, hardware manufacturers can always take the lead, such as LG’s latest 8K OLED and 8K NanoCell TV. The new product belongs to LG’s SIGNATURE OLED 8K TV product line, including the 88Z9 and 86SM99 models. Although LG is not the first manufacturer to release 8K OLED TVs, it does have some features that are different from competing products.

LG Signature OLED 8K World's first OLED 8K
LG Signature OLED 8K World’s first OLED 8K

As an 8K TV, it requires at least 7680 x 4230 physical resolution. In addition, it has to comply with the International Display Metrology Commission (ICDM) Information Display Measurement Standard (IDMS).

Specifically, the image contrast modulation of a ‘true 8K’ TV should be higher than 25%, and the text should be higher than 50%. However, LG proudly said that its new products can get a score of around 90%.

LG OLED 8K TV Features

LG OLED 8K TV in Living Room

In addition to the ‘True 8K’ feature, the SIGNATURE 8K OLED TV (88Z9) is also the largest (88-inch) OLED TV LG has ever introduced.

In addition, both TVs are equipped with LG’s second-generation Alpha 9 image processor, that supports ‘smart’ 8K stretching, adding deep learning and ambient lighting analysis to optimize content presentation based on the signal source and watching environment.

The new 8K TV is supporting Dolby Vision (up to 4K) and 8K HDR10/HLG, supporting 5.1-channel Dolby panoramic sound and providing 4 HDMI 2.1 interfaces. Can carry 8K 60FPS variable refresh rate video content with 33 million self-illuminating pixels, with ultra-narrow bezels, 80W speakers, and aluminum metal brackets.

LG Signature 8K TV
LG Signature 8K TV

Currently, LG SIGNATURE OLED TV 8K (88Z9) and LG 8K NanoCell TV (75SM99) are available globally.

The 75-inch 8K NanoCell TV image is sharp, with full-array local dimming technology, black purity, and high contrast.

It is worth mentioning that these smart TVs also support Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit. Depending on market conditions, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa Assistant can also be added.

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