Xiaomi Water Purifier C1: Specifications, Price in India

Xiaomi water purifier C1
Xiaomi water purifier C1

On September 27th Xiaomi released Xiaomi water purifier C1 will go on sale on September 30 for Rs.12,862($182). Earlier in the month of August, the company released the water purifier Lentils this made a huge success.

Obviously this is an upgraded version of the previous one. But still using water storage tank design, and for the first time, three taps are added where we can get pure water to drink as well as it can be used for rice washing, washing, washing vegetables, etc.

Like the previous model, the Xiaomi purifier C1 has the same dimension of 471x452x170 mm. It uses reverse osmosis technology (RO), 4-grade fine filtration process to filter the water. 1:1 pure wastewater ratio this means that there is no much wastage of water.

The sealed water storage tank can be filled with 3L of pure water continuously, and we get pure water each day is about 47 cans. The cost of using the filter life is less than Rs.10 per day.

You can have a look at Xiaomi’s Hey Plus 1S watch.


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