Soocas V1 electric toothbrush is coming with two-sided brush head life for 60 days

Soocas V1
Soocas V1

On August 30, Xiaomi‘s ecological chain enterprise Su Shi announced that the new electric toothbrush Soocas V1 will be available on September 9.

According to the official, this electric toothbrush uses a magnetic levitation sonic motor with a maximum frequency of 42,000 beats per minute. Compared with a pendulum motor electric toothbrush, it has more power and longer life.

It has 3 modes:

Gentle mode: Suitable for those who wake up late, and have sensitive teeth, this is also helpful for growing people.

Standard mode: It has medium intensity, and can be used for daily use 2 times in the morning and evening.

Pulse mode: This mode is between strong and weak frequency conversion, and is used to polishing the tooth.

Soocas V1
Soocas V1

It comes standard with two different brush heads, 1.Innovative planting, and 2.Rubberizing process. Two brush heads are covered with a silicone tongue brush, you can go to the tongue without changing the brush head.

In terms of battery life, the Soocas V1 uses an enlarged battery to improve efficiency, charging for 4 hours can last up to 60 days.

The price and availability of the toothbrush are still unknown so stay tuned for further updates.


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