Samsung S11 hiding it’s front camera under the display


Currently, Samsung has built a modern “infinite O” display in its new S10 smartphone. The display is named after the punch design in the upper left corner, and the front camera and other sensors are placed in this hole.

This year Samsung is working on to hide the front camera, Samsung’s Research and Development department vice president said that “The technology can move forward to the point where the camera hole will be invisible, while not affecting the camera’s function in any way.” 


  • Samsung is placing the front camera underneath the display.
  • S11 could have a whopping 64MP Primary camera.
  • It may sport a 5nm chipset.

Whereas Apple is still struggling with the hardware innovation of the iPhone, its strong competitor Samsung has turned its attention to the newer camera and sensor built into the display i.e below the screen.

This is particularly challenging because it’s important to make sure the screen doesn’t impact the quality of your selfies, But the smartphone’s design is probably being finalized right now, which means it’s too early for an under-screen camera.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 could have a whopping 64MP camera.
Currently, the highest resolution camera you’ll find in a smartphone is 48MP, seen in handsets like the Meizu 16s, Honor View 20 or Oneplus 7, although that’s a figure beaten by traditional cameras.

The Galaxy S11 may sport a 5nm chipset, as it will probably launch in February 2020.


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