Xiaomi under-display camera First Look


    Xiaomi introducing Under Display camera.

    Xiaomi exposed the concept design of the Under Display Camera.

    How do you get a Full-Screen Display without the need for a slider or pop-up camera? Xiaomi is exploring the possibility of hiding the front-facing camera under the display. When the selfie camera is activated, the display area over the camera lens becomes transparent instantly, allowing light to enter. This could be the ultimate solution for a Full-Screen Display coexisting with a front camera.

    Mi9 full-screen display prototype uses technologies developed in-house. When the 20MP front camera is activated, the display on top of the camera becomes transparent instantly & doubles as the camera lens.

    Samsung and Oppo are also working on a method to hide the camera underneath the display and do away with a notch of any kind.

    The above image shows the difference between “Normal Display” and “Transparent Display”. Comprising technologies that have been developed in-house, the all-new custom display features a small area with a transparent display, which is made using a special low-reflective glass with high transmittance. When not in camera mode, the transparent display works like a regular one, allowing your content to be shown in full screen.

    Xiaomi says that the Unique screen-lens integration Forever ending the notch-era.
    The front-facing 20MP camera is hidden under the display, with a cleverly designed display-embedded camera combo — the transparent display doubles as the camera lens. By allowing more light into the lens, the display-embedded camera combo is able to produce perfect selfies, clearer and crisper than the notch camera solution when the camera is activated. When the display is turned off, the front camera disappears and results in a black surface that is completely seamless.


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