Xiaomi MIUI runs on Android Q with full-screen gesture interaction plan


On May 8, Google released a new version of Android operating system, in which Xiaomi 9 and Xiaomi MIX3 5G version will be the first to adapt to the Android Q upgrade. The new OS not only incorporates many new and powerful features but also optimizes and upgrades existing functions, such as a new interactive solution for full-screen gestures on the Xiaomi MIUI system. Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 5G Configuration

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 5G Configuration

ChipsetQualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855
Storage64 or 128 GB
Display size, density6.39”, 403 PPI
Aspect ratio19.5:9
Display cutoutsNone
CameraDual front, dual back

With the continuous popularization of full-screen mobile phones, full-screen gesture operations have become the trend of the times. Google has added a new interaction in this Android Q system and actually hopes to find the optimal solution for the full-screen mobile phone operation through continuous upgrade optimization.

The new full-screen gesture interaction scheme is very similar to the MIUI system. The Android Q system provides three of the most common interaction methods. One is to slide up from the bottom of the screen and return directly to the Home screen. The second is to slide from the left and right sides of the screen to the middle to return to the previous menu. The third is to slide up and down through the bottom of the screen. Stay evokes the multitasking menu. These common interaction methods are exactly the same as the MIUI system, and Google can’t be used for reference.


Of course, in addition to the three identical interactions mentioned above, the MIUI system has more ways to trigger application functions and switch to the previous application. At this point, it is still a step ahead of Google’s native system, and it is still unclear whether Google will learn from it in the future. This also shows that the MIUI system is more comprehensive in terms of functional details, and it is also an important reason why MIUI can become the best Android customization system in China.


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