【 Fixed!】 I am not receiving OTP


If you are not receiving an OTP aka One Time Password, it’s because of two reasons

Either the issue is from the server side where you are requesting for OTP or at the client-side which is your mobile’s fault. Since you cannot fix the issue if it is caused by the sender, but Of course you can fix it if it is caused by your mobile.

From now onwards you will stop repeating the drama of “I am not receiving OTP”

If you are facing this issue for the first time ever, then it might because of some glitch in the network. And the simple solution for this is to turn on and off Airplane/Aeroplane mode once.

If this is not the first time you are facing this problem and it happens every time whenever you try to receive an OTP and it became a part of your everyday life to wait for an OTP, then below is the simple and final method that will fix it.

I am not receiving OTP

If you are not receiving OTP, then just 1 question, did you noticed that you are receiving normal SMS. The answer is No!

Because you guys are switched to the Online messaging platform WhatsApp to have chat and forgot that your mobile can also send and receive messages.

Coming to the point, the problem is caused by wrongly entered Message center number.

How to fix not receiving OTP problem

Proceed with Caution!

  1. Remember, which telecom operator you are using, and your locality
  2. Search on Google for Operator_Name Locality Mobile_Center_Number (eg. Jio Karnataka mobile center number). and go to the official page of your telecom operator and copy the message center number.

how to fix i am not receiving otp problem

jio messages are not coming

  1. Now Open Messages app
  2. Go to message settings

I am not receiving otp

5. and find Message Center/SMS Centre there(not all the mobiles are the same, you might feel difficulty finding it, but it will be there).

SMS centre numberMessage center number

6. Replace the existing number with the copied number.

how to fix otp problem


7. and Restart your mobile once(just for formalities)

8. Problem Solved!



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