Best Budget Thocky Switches 【Mechanical Keyboard 2022】


    The great thing about Mechanical Keyboard is its sound and tactile feedback, but not all the keyboards sound the same, and most importantly finding a keyboard with Thocky Switches is difficult. Even in the most expensive keyboards, you won’t find thocky sound by default, you have to lube it to sound like that.

    Best Thocky Switches

    The Thocky or Thocc sound in a keyboard means, getting a deeper yet louder tactile sound which is satisfying to listen to. Achieving thocky sound is only possible on a mechanical keyboard.

    The OEMs don’t manufacture the keyboard with such sound, you manually have to lube the switches to get the best sound possible.

    Below is the difference between Thocky vs Regular switch sound.

    • Regular Mechanical Switches
    • Thocky Mechanical Switches

    If you don’t know what is a Tocky sound, just listen to these audios. The major difference between them is, regular Mechanical Switches generate lots of noise and give a loud spring click sound, whereas in precisely lubed switches you will get a clean satisfying thocky sound.

    As said earlier, the Thocky sound is achieved by lubricating the existing switches, which minimizes the spring/metallic sound and gives a deep wet sound. But which switches give the best thocky sound.

    Well, there are 3 popular types of switches out there, Blue, Brown, and Red.

    Blue – Blue switches are intended to generate loud sound with clicky experience.

    Red – Red is the silent switch that produces less noise and gives a minimum tactile feel.

    Brown – Brown switches are neither silent nor lounder, they are suitable for everyone with a great tactile feedback.

    The blue switches are the loudest among all, by default they sound like a type-writer, but when you properly lube them, it’ll start sounding like a professional high-end keyboard. Blue switches are the best thocky switches for gaming and give smooth tactile feedback.

    Lubing the keyboard is not that easy, you have to do it precisely and delicately. Lubricating the switches will also cost you more, you need to have a high-quality lubricant, switch puller, and others.

    The best thocky tactile switches for Gaming

    1. Cherry MX Blue

    Cherry MX thocc switch

    Cherry MX Blue is the most popular mechanical switch, it gives the best clicky sound with a faster response time.

    2. Opto-Mechanical

    Razar Opto Mechanical

    Opto Mechanical switches are powered by Razer Gaming, it has a very low latency that instantly recognizes your click, and has an amazing sound with tactile feedback. Most gamers prefer to use it as it has low latency.

    3. CORSAIR OPX Optical-Mechanical


    Corsair OPX Optical-Mechanical switches are high-end gaming switches with a 1.0 mm actuation distance. These are optical switches that allow to see through and give a good thocky sound after lubricating properly.

    4. HyperX Blue

    Thocky mechanical Keyboard

    HyperX has been a top gaming accessories manufacturer and the HyperX Blue is one of the best gaming switches with clicky sound and a durable build.

    5. Kailh Blue

    Kailh Blue

    Kailh Blue is simply a clone of Cherry MX Blue, but for an extremely affordable price. Cherry MX is an expensive switch, that you will get to see in high-end Gaming Keyboards, but Kailh Blue is available in many budget keyboards with similar performance.

    These are the best thocky switches keyboards that you can think of buying.


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