Puppr Dog Training App – Detailed Review – 2023


    Puppr is a dog training app that helps you in teaching your dog some cool tricks and skills. This app is both available for Android and iPhone users. Before proceeding with this article, also check out the list of Top 5 Dog Training Apps.

    Puppr actually makes training your dog easy and joyous by providing you with the right tricks. Let’s have a detailed review of this app.

    Puppr dog training app
    Puppr dog training app

    Puppr dog training app Review

    1. Interface

    The Puppr dog training app has quite an enticing interface. Despite having a good number of sections this app is very well organized. Each and every skill and trick has been categorized in a manner that would help a user quickly find the required trick.

    Firstly, during signing up, you are asked to create a profile of your puppy so that it’s easy for you to track your puppy’s progress. And then you are asked to select the category of skills that your dog must be trained in. And every Lesson Pack has a set of skills from basics to advance.

    2. Lesson Packs

    New Dog- This Lesson pack has a number of skills in it like Clicker training, Crate training, Potty training, Intro, Duration, Send to place, Doorbell, Nail trimming, Brush fur, Brush teeth, and Ear cleaning.

    Basics- This pack has some considerable skills like Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leave it, and Touch.

    Charming- This pack contains skills like Shake hands, Cross paws, kissing, Saying your prayers, Sitting pretty, Wave, and Shy.

    Silly- Rollover, Spin, Crawl, Footsies, Back up, Play dead and Dance are the set of skills this pack consists of.

    Circus- This lesson pack has some extraordinary training skills like Leg Waves, Hooped arms, Boing, Take a bow, Dog catch, Backstall, and Orbit.

    And in the same way, there are many other lesson packs like Circus 2.0, Performer, Useful, Frisbee, and Agility. All these lesson packs have over 70 amazing training skills and tricks that surely will help your dog in excelling.

    Once you are done with selecting a skill from a lesson pack you get stepwise instructions along with a video. This not only eases your training but also helps in giving detailed info about the particular skill or trick.

    Puppr dog training app
    Puppr dog training app

    3. Chat with Trainers

    This feature is included in the Puppr Premium Benefits. Once you are a premium user, you can easily chat with a trainer at any time during your training. All the trainers are certified and claim to have good experience in dog training.

    Also, you can schedule a call with the trainer in order to get additional help in training your dog. These trainers also track your training process and let you know if there are any mistakes done.

    4. Puppr Shop

    This section of the app is surely a plus point. This shop helps you find all the necessary treats, equipment, and accessories along with toys, chews, grooming, and cleaning products. The need to shop all these items separately is surely eliminated as you can easily buy these products from the Puppr Shop.

    Also, there are some cool merchandise T-shirts and Sweatshirts that you surely will try.

    5. Profile

    After creating your puppy’s profile you can track the training process. Also after completing a skill your puppy gets a badge. In total there are 15 cool badges and collecting all those 15 will surely be a milestone for every parent.

    Puppr dog training app – Pros

    • Many users have found this app to be very easy to use. Also, this application has a good user interface.
    • There are more than 70 tricks with every detail you might need in training your puppy. Users claim to have taught their dogs these skills in a span of a week or two.
    • The clicker option finds many uses. Every user has appreciated this option.
    • The trainers you opt for assistance are all certified and experienced.

    If you are looking for cost-free dog training apps, here is the list, free dog training apps.


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