Guess The Smartphone Market Leader-2020


    Xiaomi first, Vivo second and in the third-place Samsung!

    Smartphone Market graph
    Smartphone Market graph

    In the Indian smartphone market, China’s Xiaomi achieved No.1 position, by 27% sale of the smartphone. Vivo has 21% of the sale and occupied second place. Samsung is in third place with 19% of the sale of the smartphone.

    According to the Counterpoint Research in the Indian smartphone market China company(brand), mobile phones have the highest sale compared to the company(brand).

    The Oppo and Realme are also not bad they have a fourth and fifth position with 12% and 8% sale of mobile phones respective

    The Vivo mobile phone selfies are simply superb, because of that, it became more popular. In the history of the Indian mobile market, this is the first time Vivo is in second place. Compared to 2018, this year Vivo’s growth increased by 76%.

    In the competition between Xiaomi and Samsung, Vivo is trying to have a better place. When we talk about Apple it has a 2% sale to other brands in the market.

    According to Counterpoint Research, the sales of iPhone XR and iPhone 11 were better and this made the company grew to 46% compared to last year.

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    Mobile sales decreased this year?

    The sales of the smartphone in 2019 were 7% but in 2018 it was seen up to 10% said by Counterpoint Research. In India, the satisfaction of the smartphone had reached to some level. We are getting good quality mobile phones and people are also using them for long days, I think this is the main reason for the decrease in the market.

    The market share of Chinese companies is 72%

    In India, most of the brands of mobile phones are from China they are Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Realme, Oneplus- these are in the top 5 brands and in 2019 they acquire 72% of the sale. In the last year, they had 60%.


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