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    BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, the most awaited game in the country is finally set to be released on 18th June 2021. The game didn’t fail to amaze its fans for even a single day since its launch. Over time it made a huge fanbase and also faced many outlaws to restrict the gameplay. A smooth and Lag free game would be gamer heaven.

    A game with Lag and glitches gives nothing more than a bummer. These are the main reasons why many users search for internet results to resolve the same.

    Well, be rest assured. As we are here to help you out with some cool tricks to have Lag free gameplay. This article provides you with some satisfying tips and tricks to eliminate such problems to a maximum extent in BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA.

    How to fix Lag, Glitches, and Frame Drops in BGMI?

    Lag fix in BGMI
    Lag fix in BGMI

    Here are some simple, affective and step-by-step solutions to get a Lag free gameplay.

    1. Clearing Cache:

    This is the first but very important method to get a Lag free game. It is a very simple method which requires clearing the cache from the application. Thus enabling a user to free up significant portion of memory.

    Cache becomes a major problem in case of phones with low memory storage. Just clearing up the cache frees memory which is significant to get a smooth and Lag free game. The next time you face a Lag issue, don’t forget to clear up the cache.

    2. Bringing down Graphics:

    Though the smoothness and functionality of a game solely depend on the device a user uses. In order to have the best possible frame rates, a user should consider reducing the graphics of BGMI. However, this could lessen the quality of graphics, and the visuals might just get a bit basic.

    But, this is the best possible way to have a Lag less game with higher frames.

    3. Clearing all the applications running in the background:

    This simple solution not only helps to have a smooth and Lag less game but also helps to reduce the ping. A user must clear all the applications running in the background before entering the game. These apps consume a major portion of RAM. Thereby, affecting the smoothness of the game.

    Also, a few applications running in the background eat up data. Which results in slow data connection and ultimately results in a game full of ping. Many users wonder and worry about having a ping even after having a speed internet connection, the reason for which is the other applications consuming data and becoming a hindrance for the connection speed. Therefore, applications running at the back must be closed to avoid ping and reduce Lag and glitches.

    4. Turning off the auto-update and sync feature of Google Play Store:

    Every person is certainly aware of the feature of the Play Store that automatically updates the applications on a device. But, not everyone considers the drawback of this feature. The auto-update feature results in an increased date usage which directly leads to an increase in the ping.

    Also, the sync option synchronizes the data to other applications. Disabling this feature helps to reduce data consumption and avoid unnecessary syncs. Which otherwise requires a user to sync the data as and when needed. This results in reducing the ping which in turn helps a user to experience a Lag less smooth game.

    GFX Tools: Best settings for BGMI to fix lag

    Lag fix by GFX Tool
    Lag fix by GFX Tool

    Many Pubg mobile players have looked to know which are the best settings to play PUBG mobile using the GFX tool. These same settings go for the BGMI too. What is a GFX tool? It is a graphics optimization tool for PUBG Mobile that can help you get the best performance and graphics balance and fix the Lag issue in PUBG mobile and BGMI. But since it has so many options, it is confusing for most people in general.

    However, a user must not rely on the tools like GFX as they are not legit. The anti-cheat code of Tencent clearly forbids the use of third-party applications. If a user still uses it, then there might be chances of accounts being banned.

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