Best themes for Windows 10 – Must try in 2019


    Windows is the computer operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation, Windows is one of the secure OS which allows you to customize it as per your need.

    You can download the best theme for windows 10 that looks fantastic on your PC.

    Applying a new theme to your Windows doesn’t mean that you are spoiling the classic design, the new design is only to make your Windows look better. You can customize your Desktop as per taste.

    Here are some basic themes for Windows 10

    1. Flattastic

    Flattastic theme for windows 10
    Flattastic theme for windows 10

    Flattastics is the best free theme for Windows that makes your computer look attractive. This theme is for those who like clean, flat, and modern design.

    The Windows 10 Flattastic theme is available in the Light version as well as in the Dark version.

    2. Windows SkinPack Collections

    Windows SkinPack Collections

    Windows SkinPack collection is a paid theme pack that allows you to make your Windows 10 look like the older version. By using this theme you can make your PC look like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Longhorn, Windows XP, and Windows 98.

    This SkinPack doesn’t have any Ads, and the size of the theme is 132 MB.

    Below are some screenshots of the Windows skin pack collection.

    3. Windows 11 Dark SkinPack

    If you want to make your windows pc look very weird, then this theme is for you. This theme reflects the style of Windows 11. It is a weird theme that makes your windows pc attractive.

    It is the Dark Windows 11 theme with the yellow icon pack.

    4. Ubuntu Skinpack for windows 10

    TheUbuntu SkinPack gives you the best experiences of Ubuntu in Windows 10 PC. It looks same as the Ubuntu with a side taskbar. You can transform your computer as a Ubuntu Operating System and can enjoy UI without changing the features and specifications of the Original Windows.

    Ubuntu theme for Windows 10
    Ubuntu Skinpack for Windows 10

    5. Silk theme for Windows 10

    Silk is a free beautiful, clear and simple theme, with a colorful header. Its interface is similar to classic windows 10 with silk style.

    Silk theme for Windows 10
    Silk theme for Windows 10

    6. NVIDIA theme for Windows 10

    The Nvidia theme is truly designed for pro gamers, like any other gamer, you also want to make your PC look great while gaming. This is the best theme that gives you the best experience while gaming, and it is attractive too.

    With an Iconic Nvidia wallpaper, it makes normal pc into a gaming pc. A pro gamer definitely deserves this theme pack.

    Gaming theme for windows 10
    Nvidia theme for Windows 10

    7. Oxford theme for Windows 10

    The Oxford theme gives unique Visual Style to your Windows 10 Operation System, it is another beautiful theme with clean design. This theme contains the Line Art icon pack with rounded corners, and gives you the best user experience ever.

    Clean design theme for windows 10
    Oxford theme for windows 10

    8. macOS Sierra

    Make windows look like mac OS, this theme breaks the boundaries of creativity. If you ever had a dream of using the very expensive User Interface, but your budget doesn’t fit to buy a MacBook, then this theme is really for you.

    This theme is the best alternative of macOS, it has the best user interface that you must try if you are a windows user. It has the same features as in Apple Mac Sierra, with semi-transparent blur background.

    It has the following features:

    • Notification center
    • Lockscreen
    • System properties
    • Launchpad
    • Search directly from desktop Silicio media player in the notification center
    • Cindori Media Center-clone.
    • Picture-in-picture movie player for different aspect ratios and in different sizes. You can drag it around to any place you want.
    • Siri clone

    Below are some screenshots of Mac Os Sierra

    9. Diurnal W10

    Diurnal is meant to be the complete opposite of Nocturnal, something more website and UI friendly, it is close to default W10 while also being minimal, monochrome and easy to add more color too.

    Diurnal theme for windows 10
    Diurnal theme for windows 10

    Anthem two

    If your profession meets a Content writer, Author, first rank student or you love alphabets, this theme made for you only. It has a creative alphabetic icon pack and a cool new look.

    Anthem two for windows 10
    Anthem two for windows 10

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