Realme Q released on 5th September


On August 28th, @realme posted in Chinese social media “realme mobile phone four-shot era officially opened, new series realme Q, see on September 5.” official realme Q series will be released on September 5. At this point, everyone can not understand the realme new product clues can finally reveal the answer.

Realme Q new product release official announcement
Realme Q official release poster

A few days ago, Realme officially released a new clue, the clue is a poster. The poster image consists of a magnifying glass, a torn corner of the card Q, a number of printed paper bags and postcards.

However, because this information is too hidden, the fans can’t understand it and need detectives to reveal it. But now after the realme official announcement, the information that these clues want to express seems to be clear: the new model is called realme Q, which will be releasing on September 5, with the four rear cameras.

Realme new machine clue map
Realme Q features clue

In addition, on the 27th, CMO Xu Qi also released a realme new model picture on Weibo and revealed three features: New Snapdragon, 64MP, silver wing white color.

As per these three keywords, we can easily guess that the realme new model uses a 64-megapixel camera, equipped with the Snapdragon series processor, the new color is called silver wing white.

Realme Q

Also, according to the picture, we can see the rear camera of this phone, arranged in a vertical arrangement, located in the upper left corner of the back of the fuselage, using white as the main color, faint will also reveal a little powder color, overall look It looks good. Combining this information, we can guess that this new model should be the upcoming realme Q.

Whereas Huawei is also releasing its Huawei Enjoy 10 Plus on the same date which is running on Kirin 712 Processor.


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