Error validating basket Doordash 【100% fixed】


DoorDash is a popular food delivery app, and if you get an error stating “Error validating basket” while adding the items to the cart, here’s how to fix it.

DoorDash allows you to order from nearby restaurants and charge a small delivery fee, it’s one of the top food delivery apps in the United States. The service is excellent, and the Delivery is also fast compared to the competitors, but sometimes, you might also face difficulty while placing an order.

It displays some strange errors, such as “Oops something went wrong“, “Trace ID error“, “Error validating basket“. Out of all, the most common error that users face is Error validating basket.

How to fix error validating basket

Error validating basket Doordash

This is the most common error in DoorDash, it happens because of several reasons, including the Item out of stock, Restaurant closed, Network error, Payment failure, Invalid coupon applied, or others.

Item not available DoorDash

Commonly, the Error validating basket happens when the items are out of stock. While the time you were browsing the menu, the desired item might show as available, but in actual the merchant made it out of stock but due to some glitch it might not be reflected in your app. At that time when you try to add the item to your basket, it shows you the error.

It also happens when the merchant is closed. In the app, it shows you the store is opened, but in reality, it is closed and when you try to place an order from there, it displays the error validating basket.

Now you know why it happened, but how to fix it? Well! try placing an order for an alternative item or from a different outlet.

DoorDash unavailable too far away

DoorDash unavailable too far away

Basically, door dash serves within 5 miles radius, if you are trying to place an order from a restaurant that is far than 5 miles from your location, it shows Unavailable too far away. To overcome this error, try placing an order from a nearby restaurant.

Oops something went wrong

Mostly this happens when your internet connection is poor, or if you are using the web version of DoorDash, the URL might be wrong that’s why you get an error saying Oops something went wrong.

DoorDash trace ID error

If the doordash tracking is not working or showing the driver’s location at the same place for a long time, then it’s an issue from the Delivery Executive’s end. The Delivery Partner might have turned his internet off, or he might be facing some network issue, that’s why it is showing an error.

Instead of tracking in the app, simply call your Dasher from the app, and about the order status.


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