App organizer for Android – 2019


Android is the most widely used mobile platform, and as per 99.6% of new devices come pre-installed with Android OS.

It is an open-source Operating System for mobile phones, and many manufacturers customize the interface of this OS by giving them a new look and name it differently.

Many smartphone makers like Xiaomi(MIUI), Oppo(Color OS), Vivo(FunTouch OS), Huawei(EMUI), Asus(Zen UI), Meizu(Flyme), Samsung(OneUI), and others customized the raw Android sources to give it a more good looking structure.

App Organizer iPhone

And some manufacturers, such as Meizu added the unique features to organize home screen apps, the Flyme OS intelligently organize the apps, and when you long-press the home screen, you will see a button called “Arrange icons“. By clicking the button you can organize the apps as per your need, but, when you shake your device, the system will automatically organize the apps.

It also does another job, whenever you try to categorize the app, the system will automatically name the folder by intelligently knowing which kind of apps are in the folder, or what does the app do. For example – if you add PUBG and Subway surfers in one folder, the os will automatically rename the folder as “Games“.

But Unfortunately, many mobiles don’t have this kind of feature, you need to organize the apps manually if your device runs on stock Android. But if you want to do this task in one touch, then you need to download the third-party application to organize the apps.

App organizer for android

Here here is an app along with the download link, which helps you to organize your Android apps.

Auto App Organizer Free

  • Auto App organizer free
  • home screen organizer for Android
  • Category creater
  • Category creater Android
  • App organizer for Android

This is probably the highest-rated App Organizer for Android, and it can do multiple app selection and operations, it automatically backup the changes that you made.

App2SD handling on every app including the automatic app organization itself and also supports auto-categorization. Same as Digital Wellbeing, it monitors and shows you unused apps, handles new apps as rookies for a few days in a separate folder.

On any new app installation, it gives you an option to automatic categorization and also has the inbuilt fast app search.

More features:

  • Custom icons.
  • Saves app settings on its own Internet-DB, for the auto-categorization function.
  • Send apps via email.
  • You can use it to integrate with other theme apps like SwipePad or ADW launcher etc.

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