How to Spy any Android Device 【Free】


There are a lot of spying apps out there, and they deliver a good service, but most of the time, the Google Play Protect doesn’t let them install considering those are harmful to the device. On top of that, you have to pay a monthly subscription for it, which you feel is not worth it.

There are many spying apps out there such as FlexiSpy and XNSpy, which will cost you around $10/mo, but still, it’s hard to set up, because Android considers those apps as a virus.

But no need to be disappointed, there’s an even better way to spy on any android phone without downloading 3rd Party app.

How to spy on any Android device for free

Before beginning, let’s not forget that privacy is a human right, and you got no right to spy into anyone’s life, this article intends to help you track the device in case you lost it.

Spying Android Phone without installing 3rd Party apps

Creating a spare google account and signing it into the target device will give you access to most of the essential data including, Live Location, Contacts, Browsing History, Call Logs, YouTube History, Installed Apps, Battery Percentage, and access to lock the phone.

Creating a Google account will only take 2 mins, and it’s completely free. After creating a spare Google account, you can simply sign in to the target device and turn on sync, and give administrator privileges to “Find My Device”. And that’s it!

Once you log in the Google account on the target device, you can monitor all the device activity with the web version of My Activity. The best part of this trick is, all the data is organized so well that you won’t get to see it in any spying app.

How to see Live Location

how to spy android phone remotely free

You can spy the live location of the target device using Find My Device. Simply search for “Find My Device” on Google, and it will show you the live location of the connected devices along with its battery percentage. It also shows the installed sim details with its signal strength.

Note: The methods shown in this article are to help you secure your family member’s device, not to stalk anyone.

How to access Contacts

how to spy on someones android phone remotely

Here’s how to get Contacts from another phone. If you logged in to the spare Google Account on other devices, you can easily access its contacts remotely, simply search for Google Contacts, and that’s it. Here you can access all of the contacts with their display picture. Also, you will the records of frequently contacted numbers.

It is not only limited to Location and Contacts, you can do even a lot with this trick. With this technique, you can spy on your kids, and also if your parents don’t know how to use mobile, and don’t know how to send contacts to you when needed, you can directly access it without disturbing your parents.


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